Southern Wings Bird Club welcomes all those who enjoy birds from the beginner to the expert.  We offer a friendly, informal atmosphere where questions can be asked and answered, interesting sightings can be shared, and all can learn about our avian neighbors.  The yearly dues for membership are $15.00 for an individual and $20.00 for a family and are collected each January.
Club Purpose
To Learn more about the birds in our
    area and other places of interest
-  To share our interest with our community
-  To create habitats supportive of wildlife
-  To enjoy the fellowship of others
    with similar interests
Membership Application
                     E-Mail Address


2017 Officers
Once a year club members elect individuals to fill officer positions.

President: Hank Ohme

Program Director: Rebecca Deitsch

Secretary: Melinda Ohme

Treasurer: Sharon Eifert

Email & Publicity Coordinator: Leah Loper

Webmaster: Sandy Dearth

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