Club History
The club's first meeting was on September 18, 1996 and was held at Vines Botanical Gardens. The club was initially known as Vines Bird Club.  Later the club's meetings were held at Garden South Nursery in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  In December 1998 the club's name was changed to Southern Wings Bird Club. It was then that the meetings moved to the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building. In 2006 the meetings were moved to the Rhodes Jordan Park Community Center in Lawrenceville and then in 2007 back to the Gwinnett Justice and Administrative Building. The club is affiliated with  Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department. Bird walks at local parks are held in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Community Projects
In the spring of 1999, a field guide and a bluebird nest box made by a club member were donated to the New London Health Center in Snellville.

During October 1999 a hummingbird/butterfly garden was installed by club members at the  Gwinnett Senior Center.  This was accomplished with the generous aid of the Master Gardners  of Gwinnett and the center's landscape designer. A birdfeeding station was also donated by club members.  In February 2000, two bluebird nest boxes were erected by the club near the Senior Center's lake.

Scholarships have been given for children's camps at the former Lanier Museum of Natural History.

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