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Join SWBC on the second Monday of each month. Our meetings are entertaining and educational! Members of all ages always have a great time. Visitors are welcome!!

Our Special Event for Saturday, May 14th
at Mill Creek Nature Center at 10:30 am


"Common Raptors of Georgia"

Presented By Beth Thomson, Raptor Educator

Guess Whoooos Coming to the Meeting?


"Owl Cappone"




Beth Thomson is a wildlife educator who has U.S. Fish and Wildlife and GA DNR permits to have birds of prey in her possession. She teaches people about the unique attributes of raptors, while addressing the challenges of declining habitat, the hazards of toxic chemicals, and the role humans have played in both endangering and protecting these majestic birds.
Beth has 5 birds: 1 red tailed hawk and 4 owls. All the birds are non-releasable due to permanent injuries. If you have seen them before you know how delightful they are. If you have not seen them, bring friends and relatives to Mill Creek Nature Center on May 14. After the program, Beth will allow you to photograph the birds.

We will see you on Saturday Morning!

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